Having you or your loved one arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a scary experience. It could happen for various reasons, including illegally being in the United States. But you could be eligible for a bond, whereby you pay a specific amount to obtain your release before trial. The money is usually refundable at the end of the case, provided you do not violate immigration bond conditions. But if it is too high and unaffordable for you and your family, an immigration bond dealer could help you obtain a quicker release for a small fee.

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we could help you through the immigration bond process if you or your loved one has been arrested by ICE in Houston, TX. We offer affordable, reliable, and timely bond services.

Reasons for Being Detained by ICE

An arrest and detention by ICE could happen for various reasons, including:

  • If you are an immigrant and are facing criminal charges
  • If you failed to appear in the previous immigration hearings
  • If you have a late or pending deportation order
  • If you seek asylum or refugee status without a visa

The immigration department has rigorous restrictions on what you can and cannot do while in the United States as an immigrant. It aims at protecting U.S. citizens against issues that could compromise their safety and well-being. Immigrants must abide by the law, work, and have proper documentation to live and work in America. Committing a crime goes against these requirements. You could face deportation if you are found guilty of a criminal offense. But before you are removed from the country, you are taken through a trial to ensure that you are fairly treated and legally released. ICE will arrest and detain you pending the trial's outcome.

You could also be removed if you do not have proper documentation. Some people live and work illegally in the United States. When you are discovered, ICE will send its officers to arrest you. You will then undergo a trial, from which a judge decides what happens to you. The most likely verdict will be to have you removed from the country.

Other people enter the country with legal documents but continue to stay and work even after their papers have expired. This, too, is illegal and could result in an arrest by ICE officials. The likely result of that would be forceful removal.

Once you are under arrest by immigration officials, you will be taken to their office or jail, depending on the reason for your arrest. The immigration officials will interview you about your immigration status. They will even ask to see your documents. You will be referred to a detention center, where you will attend the trial. Your stay at the detention center will depend on how long your trial will be. You will appear in an immigration court until the judge delivers your verdict.

Understanding How Immigration Bonds Work

A lot is at stake when immigration officials arrest you. You cannot go home to your family or work to earn a living. You will probably not be allowed to return to the life you are living now, especially if the judge orders your removal from the country. Fortunately, you are allowed to post a bond to obtain your release before trial.

An immigration bond helps in several ways, allowing you to return to your family, friends, and job at least before the verdict on your case is out. You will continue to work, spend time with your friends and family and move about the country until the judge orders otherwise. If you are the sole provider in your family, it is an excellent opportunity to continue providing for your family before your case is determined.

An immigration bond also allows you to prepare for trial. It is impossible to plan a good defense when you are detained. You can hire an attorney after your release, collect evidence, and arrange a solid defense that could change the outcome of your case.

Being detained is a difficult situation for anyone. It often causes great stress and anxiety. Thus, take advantage of the chance to post a bond if you are detained by ICE to avoid spending a minute longer in detention.

Remember that a judge determines the amount you pay as an immigration bond to obtain a pretrial release. The bond is set considering the following factors:

  • Your immigration status
  • Your employment situation
  • How strong your family ties are in the country
  • Criminal history

For instance, if you have a permanent job and strong ties within the country, the judge can set a lower bond since you will likely remain within the country until the determination of the case. But you are considered a flight risk if you have a criminal history and no family ties to keep you within the country. Your bond may be set for a higher amount.

Types of Immigration Bonds Available in Houston

Delivery Bonds

The most common type of bond is a delivery bond. The immigration court determines the gravity of your crime in setting a bond amount. Once the court determines your bond and it is posted, ICE will temporarily release you, with the assurance that you will honor all set court dates for your hearing. If you do not appear for any reason, ICE has the right to arrest and detain you once again and breach your bail.

A delivery bond allows you to remain in the United States during your case proceedings. Once released on bond, you can return to work and your family, and prepare for trial. It is a perfect time to hire an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you in developing a solid defense.

Voluntary Departure Immigration Bonds

You could choose a different immigration bond if you do not wish to continue living and working in the United States after your immigration detention. In that case, you will choose a voluntary departure immigration bond that requires you to leave the country within a specified period and at your expense. In that case, the judge will set your bond amount and sign your release documents once you avail the bond to the court.

Once you agree to leave the country within a given period, there will be no need for ICE to remove you forcefully. Once you are out of the country within the specified period, you will obtain a refund of the total bond.

However, if you do not honor your commitment to depart the United States by the specified date, ICE will breach your bond. You could also be rearrested, detained, and charged.

Houston Immigration Bonds

An arrest by Immigration happens when you least expect it. Thus, you are usually not well-prepared to pay the bond amount. Sometimes it becomes difficult to obtain financial help from relatives and friends as quickly as you need it. But you can partner with a third-party company that offers Houston immigration bonds for a small percentage of the bond amount.

Immigration bond agents offer financial alternatives to immigrants detained by ICE and who have no means of posting a bond to obtain a release. Unfortunately, some detainees remain in detention until the end of their case. They, and their loved ones, suffer due to a lack of social and financial support.

Benefits of Using Houston Immigration Bonds

Immigration bond services help when you and your family do not have enough money to pay an immigration bond to obtain your release from ICE detention. Failing to provide the required payment means that you will remain detained until the determination of your case, which could be weeks, months, or even up to a year. Here are the benefits you could enjoy by engaging a Houston Immigration Bonds service:

You Enjoy a Quicker Release Process

Obtaining release after an ICE arrest is not always an easy process. You must fulfill specific requirements, including paying the entire bond to the immigration court for a judge to sign your release documents. Additionally, thousands of other detainees are going through the same process as you. The process is quicker and smoother when working with an immigration bond agent. These agents have the skills and experience to handle matters like these. They know what the process is like and the documents needed to obtain your release. Thus, you will likely enjoy your freedom more quickly when working with an immigration bond agent.

You Enjoy Faster Refunds

One of the greatest struggles those who deal directly with ICE face at the end of their cases is obtaining refunds. Remember that you are entitled to a full refund if the court does not breachyour bond. But, it could take several weeks or months and a tedious process to obtain your refund. When dealing with Brennan Immigration Bonds, you receive your collateral within 2 weeks of cancellation of bond. No reputable bond agency will hold your collateral beyond the termination of your case.

You and Your Family are Afforded Additional Guidance

If it is your first time being arrested and detained by ICE, you likely do not know much about these arrests or what to expect during and after the trial. A little guidance goes a long way in preparing you for what is to come and enabling you to make the right decisions. An immigration bond agent will be with you through the process, offering guidance and assistance to ensure that you do not remain detained and that the court does not breach your bond. For instance, your agent could help you understand why you must abide by all bond conditions and attend all trials without fail. They could also ensure that you hire a competent immigration lawyer to assist you with legal matters.

The agent could also answer some of the questions you and your relatives could have regarding immigration issues. Having an experienced person by your side will also remove the fear and anxiety you could experience after an ICE arrest.

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