Being granted an immigration bond is a time for rejoicing! If you contact Brennan Immigration Bonds, you are only hours away from being reunited with your loved one. When law enforcement officers arrest someone at the border or point of entry to the United States and charge them with an immigration-related offense, the officers take them to the detention facility. They might require the detainee to post an immigration bond before they secure their release from the facility. The judge sets an immigration bond. The immigration court then reviews the case to determine if there is enough evidence for deportation. If deportation isn't appropriate, there are other options available.

Therefore, if you are an immigrant, it is important for you to understand what the immigration bond means, how the court sets the bond amount, the different types of the immigration bond, and the entire legal process. The immigration bonds are complicated to navigate since they involve multiple parties.

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we offer unmatched bail bond services to our clients. We understand as an immigrant, you have little or no understanding of the US laws. That’s why we start by helping you understand the law, discuss your case and find the best legal option available for your case. Our in-depth experience handling bail bond cases keeps our company ahead of others. So, if you are in or around Tennessee and seek to post the immigration bonds, you want to contact our Tennessee immigration bonds agents as soon as possible.

What is an Immigration Bond

An Immigration Bond is a form of guarantee assessed to people who pose a risk to America's security. Immigrants can be detained under the custody of United States Customs and Border Protection until significant evidence prevents their deportation. If you're worried about the potential for long-term detention, seek out an immigration bond for release (or temporary release). As an immigrant who U.S. customs have detained, it can be a costly process to regain your freedom and return on track with your life.

The Common Types of Immigration Bonds Offered by Tennessee Immigration Bonds Agents in Tennessee

Immigration bonds in Tennessee have four main types: delivery bonds, supervision, voluntary, and public charge bonds. To understand these various types of immigration bonds in Tennessee, you want to seek legal help from our aggressive immigration bondsman. Our bondsmen will help you learn more about these immigration bonds and determine the ones that suit your case. Below is a brief explanation of the four types of immigration bonds:

Delivery Bonds

The common type of immigration bond is the delivery bond. Sometimes, the law may require you to appear before the immigration officer for a hearing or interview. The process may take an extensive period. Alternatively, the department of homeland security may require the alien to post a delivery bond to walk out of custody. Then the delivery bond will guarantee the DHS that you will show up at the scheduled hearings or interviews. Once you fail to appear, the court forfeits the delivery bond. Depending on the conditions and the terms outlined in form 1-352, the court can exonerate the delivery bond depending on the occurrence of the following events:

  • Deportation of the alien
  • Death of the alien
  • When the magistrate grants permanent residence to the alien
  • When the alien voluntary departs the country
  • Notice of detention from the federal, state, or local government for more than a month

Voluntary Departure Bonds

The law requires the aliens to present a voluntary departure bond once they arrive in America and seek permission to enter the country as non-immigrants. The bond's purpose is to assure the alien will depart the country before a particular time or date. The court cancels the voluntary departure bond once they confirm the alien has departed the country. Also, the court cancels the bond when the government deports or detains the alien.

Supervision Bond

Usually, delays occur when a jailed or detained alien is issued with a notice or order of removal from the country. Perhaps, the aliens' country decided not to receive the detainee. During this period, the court can order the detainee to walk out of jail under a supervision bond. The supervision bonds assure the DHS the alien will follow the instructions of the bonds. When the alien violates the instruction, the court imposes a bond penalty.

Public Charge Bond

The last common type of immigration bond is the public charge bond. The bond ensures the alien does not accept public aid like food stamps. The bond obligation remains active until:

  • Death of the alien.
  • Naturalization of the alien.
  • The departure of the alien from the country.

Arrest and Booking Process for Immigration Cases in Tennessee

Throughout the United States, an alien is a foreign national who the United States government has not granted citizenship. However, an alien can be naturalized as a citizen after residing in the country for a certain amount of time. Most immigrants who are not US citizens are legal permanent residents. According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are approximately 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the United States as of 2013.

The arrest and booking process for immigration cases in the US is a two-step process that officials have followed for years. The two steps include arrest and initial booking and transport to a detention facility for initial processing. The process begins with an alien being arrested by a local law enforcement officer or on behalf of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). These requirements vary state-by-state and depend on each state's particular immigration policies.

Article III A(l) Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (INA), which governs U.S. immigration policy, permits law enforcement agencies to arrest any person they believe violates these State or Federal laws regarding illegal presence in the U.S., even when that person has committed no other crime.

The booking process begins with an officer tallying pertinent data like age, race, physical description, remarks from arresting officers, etc. They will then ask questions and record answers such as name, date of birth, and address. If the individual has been previously arrested for a crime for which he or she was convicted, this will be considered when making a determination for bond.

How the Immigration Court Judge Sets Immigration Bonds in Tennessee

The immigration bond is a type of bond that a defendant must pay if they want to remain in the United States after being detained. A judge sets this type of bond based on how likely the individual is to appear for their next hearing. Immigration bonds vary in size but can range upwards of $25,000.

The amounts are set by the Immigration Court and cannot be appealed or negotiated for by criminal defense attorneys. The Illegal Alien Bond Proposal explained how much an alien defendant would need to post as security for their release from custody until their case has been adjudicated to avoid being deported from the United States.

How to Obtain the Immigration Bonds with Tennessee Immigration Bonds Agents

Once the court grants you the bonds, you have two ways to secure the bonds. Ensure you work with your attorney to help you obtain the bond without making any mistakes. Navigating the legal process alone will be quite difficult without the guidance of an experienced and licensed immigration bond agency. You will likely use one of the two methods discussed below.

Immigration Surety Bond

You might secure your bond by working with a bond company. The bondsmen will charge you a certain percentage of the bond. For instance, if your bond is $20,000, you will pay the bondsmen 15% along with providing a form of security, such as cash in the amount of your bond or real estate property. Within hours of your bond being electronically posted by Brennan Immigration Bonds, you will released from detention.

If it is too difficult to come up with cash collateral, the best option may be to place your property as collateral. If you would like more information on using your home as collateral, speak with our Tennessee immigration bond agents, and they will help you post the bond. Brennan Immigration Bonds accepts the following types of collateral:

Real Property

Real property includes land or a home. However, the law requires the property to be anywhere within the US. Again, the property must have equity above the amount of your bond. Using your home as collateral is not as scary as it may seem. There is absolutely no risk of losing your home as long as the immigrant complies with the court during his or her case. Even if the person goes back to their country of birth, they must only provide proof of being in their country to have the bond cancelled.

Credit Card

Many bail bond agents use credit cards as collateral. Up to 5 cards can be used to secure the amount of the bond. Any collateral held will be returned to the person who paid.


You can use marketable liquid assets like cash and securities to obtain your bond. The bondsmen can place the assets in a collateral account until the case exonerates.

Can the Court Deny the Immigration Bonds?

Though it is not common, a bond can be denied after it has been granted. A deportation officer may set a bond for a detainee upon initial detention, and the immigration judge may disagree with the officers determination, or vice versa. An immigration bond is when you are released from jail pending your trial so that you can live and work in the United States, remain with your friends and family and otherwise be free. There are multiple reasons why people might be denied bond. To receive an immigration bond, the Tennessee judge would have to consider:

  • The severity of any previous criminal charges.
  • The risk of flight prior to case termination.
  • Familial ties within the community.
  • Whether an undocumented immigrant poses a safety risk.

If there are extenuating circumstances, such as a family with children residing in the United States and a spouse legally present in the US as a citizen or resident with whom they are married. It also depends on: what type of crime was committed, how much time is left before trial, and whether they plead guilty.

Why Choose Tennessee Immigration Bonds Agent?

Before you bail someone out of jail, you should find out which company is the best bail bonds company in Tennessee. A poor choice can lead to a huge headache and considerable extra expense on your part. That’s why Tennessee immigration agents at Brennan Immigration Bonds are the best choice for you. You will have peace of mind when working with our bondsmen.

  • Well Insured and Licensed Bail Bond Company

The law in Tennessee requires all bail bond companies to be properly licensed and insured before starting to operate. Our immigration bond company meets all the requirements of the law. We have  full-service bond agents, providing customers with document signing services, litigation preparation, and an available agent to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide clients with affordable rates for essential services, including quick court appearances and cash bonds. So contact our bondsmen, and we will start working on your case immediately.

  • Bilingual Services

Hiring a bilingual bondsman may provide peace of mind if you do not know how to speak another language. If you are arrested, they can better help clarify the terminology and procedures of your case. If you do not speak English well, it may be a challenging experience to navigate through the jail system when no one speaks your language. A bilingual bondsman will ensure that everything is explained clearly to you and can assist with other tasks.

For instance, a bilingual bondsman might be able to help procure legal representation for an inmate who does not know how to obtain counsel or contact their family on their own. So, our bail bond company is here for you if you do not speak English. We have helped countless immigrants secure immigration bonds and walk out of the detention facility.

  • Around the Clock Bail Bond Service

Hiring a bondsman available 24 hours a day, seven days a week puts you in an extraordinary amount of comfort. You can make bond arrangements without needing a telephone call or visit to the jail.

It is essential to ensure that your chosen bond agency has enough experience and training before you agree on any contract with them. Our Tennessee immigration bond agents understand that law enforcement officers can arrest you any time of the day. So, we know you are required to resume your normal activities as soon as possible. Call us at any time, before or after you have been detained, and we will help you plan your release from immigration custody right away.

  • Depth Experience

If you're looking for a bondsman you can trust, choosing one with experience is a great idea. Not only will they know the ropes of the immigration bond industry, but they'll also have a proven track record to show for it. It's important to remember that the bond process isn't always easy and can be confusing — you need someone on your side who is confident about the actions that need to be taken in order to ensure a timely release. That’s why our bondsmen are the right choice for you. We have helped many immigrants obtain immigration bonds and have been reuniting families and friends for decades.

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