If a loved one has been arrested because of immigration issues, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a licensed immigration agent in the state. Once you call the Nebraska field office and obtain information about your loved one's case and current circumstances, contact Brennan Immigration Bonds for fast and reliable services. We have a compassionate team of agents ready to provide much-needed assistance 24/7. If you are unable to obtain the information you need, call our office and we will assist you.

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), there were over 74,082 immigrant arrests in 2021. These numbers continue to rise, with more aliens being arrested for custom violations, illegal movements, and even legal violations. Immigration bonds often cost more, and most people cannot afford to post the set amount using a certified cashier's check or money order from a bank. It is cheaper to settle the bondsman's fee and ensure a loved one shows up for all future immigration hearings.

Immigration Bail Bond Defined

When arrested for allegedly violating immigration laws, you will be detained by the Detention and Removal Operations (DRO). A judge or ICE officer will then consider the reasons for your arrest and set the bond amount. When arrested for non-violent reasons and the authorities do not perceive you as a threat to yourself or society, they will likely grant a bond.

An immigration bond is money asked by the court to guarantee that you will attend all immigration hearings. The bond also assures the court that you will comply with all orders of the court, even if it means deportation. Like state bail bonds, the court will forfeit the bond if you fail to appear for any hearings, appointments or court proceedings pertaining to your case. You will likely be deported and lose the opportunity to argue your case. Immigration hearings allow you to present evidence showing you are in the country legally or present reasons to persuade the government to extend your stay in the country.

Who Is Eligible For Nebraska Immigration Bonds?

The court considers various aspects when determining who is eligible for Nebraska immigration bonds. A judge can grant or deny the bond depending on whether you were lawfully admitted into the country. Fortunately, even immigrants who do not qualify for a bond will still have an opportunity to present their case and fight to remain in the United States.

Here are a few aspects that could hinder your chances for release on bond from an immigration detention:

  • You attempted to enter the country illegally through ports of entry like airports, borders, or water bodies.
  • You have been deported from the United States in the past
  • You have a criminal history of committing an offense of moral turpitude
  • You have a record of an aggravated felony, firearm-related, or drug possession conviction

The only way to know whether you qualify for an immigration bond is to request a hearing before an immigration judge. There are various other factors the judge will consider before deciding if you qualify for release from jail. For instance, the court will consider whether you pose a danger to the community or are likely to flee and miss court dates. If bond is granted, the amount set will depend on the specific facts of your case.

Types of Immigration Bail Bonds

An immigration bond, also known as an ICE Form I-352, is used to secure the release of a person detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The bond assures the court that your loved one will remain in the United States and attend all preset immigration hearings once released from detention.

If ICE allows release on an immigration bond, there are two common options:

Delivery Bond

The most popular type of immigration bond is a delivery bond. Once the court assesses the reasons for an arrest and sets the bail amount, you need to obtain an arrest warrant and notice of custody conditions from ICE to secure your release. Settling the bond assures the court that you will be present for all subsequent immigration hearings. Before your matter is determined, you can reunite with your family and prepare for your case by hiring a skilled immigration attorney.

Voluntary Departure Bonds

A judge can grant a voluntary departure bond if a person detained by ICE opts to voluntarily leave the country within a specified date and at their own expense. The option makes forcible removal efforts unnecessary, and the bond merely assures the court that you will do as promised. You can expect a full refund of the bail amount if you leave the country on the specified date. Failure to leave will result in bail forfeiture. The court will also issue a warrant of arrest and press additional charges upon your re-arrest.

Whether you opt for a delivery or voluntary departure bond, the set amount to secure your release from custody can be as high as $50,000. Even if you pose a low flight risk level, Nebraska immigration bail bonds will often not go lower than $1,500. While immigration judges set a lower amount for voluntary departure bonds, the bail will be at least $500.

By choosing to work with an immigration bond company you will receive many benefits unavailable to you otherwise. A bond company will assist in obtaining information from ICE, they will be your liaison between yourself and ICE by making necessary requests, providing important documentation, a bond agent will assist in locating a detainee if they miss court so that you do not lose valuable collateral and they will be available to you 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have during the case proceedings. Also, at Brennan Immigration Bonds, we return your collateral within 2 weeks of receiving a cancellation of bond. There will be no stress or anxiety while waiting many weeks, or even months, to receive your money or satisfaction of mortgage.

How to Pay the Bond

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, posting an immigration bond is quick and easy! We post bonds electronically, therefore ICE receives the bond within minutes. All you need to do is call and provide your loved one’s Alien # and country of birth. We will then explain what is necessary to proceed, you will complete some paperwork (which can be done electronically, as well), and we will process payment. Bonds can be posted until 2:30pm each day, so the earlier we get started, the better!

Here are the steps to posting Nebraska immigration bonds:

Schedule an Appointment

If you are arrested for immigration issues, in some cases you will need to find someone with legal status in the United States to become your sponsor. This person should schedule an appointment with your attorney if it has been determined that a sponsor is required. In most cases, this is not a requirement. Thus, a friend or family member can contact a licensed immigration bond agent to get the bond posted right away.

If a sponsor is needed, he/she must be at least 18 or older and must present their ID and social security card. If the sponsor is not a U.S. citizen by birth, ICE expects them to provide valid and original copies of their Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Naturalization, Employment Authorization Documents, or a Lawful Permanent Resident card.

What are the Benefits of Using an Immigration Bond Service?

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agency is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security tasked with protecting American citizens against the dangers posed by illegal immigration. There are over 400 federal statutes prohibiting cross-border and transnational crimes, which unfortunately result in hundreds of non-American citizens being arrested and deported yearly. The reasons for an arrest can range from entering the country without proper documentation to having an overstayed visa.

If the judge agrees to have you released through an immigration bond, here are compelling reasons to use an immigration bond service:

Faster Release Process

At any time of year, ICE facilities have thousands of detained immigrants, some waiting for their appointment with the local ICE office, and others who cannot afford to post bond. Also, some immigrants are not eligible for bond because of their criminal records or the circumstances leading to their arrest.

If your loved one is in detention, you are probably wanting them to be released as soon as possible. This can be arduous, especially if you are not well-acquainted with the requirements of posting Nebraska immigration bonds.

A bond agent is a credible third party that can guarantee Homeland Security that you will be present for all future immigration court appearances. The expert understands the release process, and the officials may prioritize cases presented by bond services. Your loved one has a good chance of enjoying a same-day release with a reliable agent.

You Do Not Need the Whole Bond Amount

An immigration bond in Nebraska can range between $1,500 and $50,000 based on the specifics of a case. An immigration bond company will require you to pay the 15% fee up front. While you will also need to provide collateral, Brennan Immigration Bonds will always try to find a comfortable arrangement. Moreover, an immigration bond service can allow flexible payments. While ICE does not accept partial payments, your agent can work out a suitable payment plan to have your loved one released from detainment. Also, you will benefit from a broader range of payment methods, including debit and credit cards.

Avoid Refund Delays

One of the significant tradeoffs of posting the bond in person is that you will likely struggle to obtain a refund.

If you want to avoid potential refund complications, working with an immigration bond service is safer. The money will remain in escrow, and you can receive your refund immediately after the court resolves your case and cancels your bond.

No Annual Fees or No Interest!

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, you will never have to worry about hidden or extra fees! Sometimes, immigration cases can take longer than expected to be resolved. The courts deal with thousands of cases, and the current backlog could cause even further delay. Irrespective of your case's twists and turns, your bond agent will remain committed to their original agreement until your issue is resolved. You merely need to adhere to all the terms and conditions of your release.

Enjoy Additional Guidance

Another invaluable perk of opting for an immigration bond service is that the experts will dispense information and referrals. Dealing with ICE can be frightening and confusing, mainly if you have never previously dealt with an immigration issue. Bond agents are experts and can help answer any questions you have. The agents can also point you in the right direction to ensure you benefit from the expertise of seasoned immigration attorneys.

Requirements to Keep Your Immigration Bond in Place

The services of an immigration bond company can come in handy if the process of securing a loved one's release from detention feels overwhelming. Once released, you must meet a few requirements to ensure the bond remains in place. The most basic requirement is that the detainee must be present during all immigration hearings.

Your agent will require you to provide a cosigner for the bond. The cosigner's responsibility is to help the detainee keep up with hearing dates. You can encourage a loved one to follow through with the court process by retaining an immigration attorney with a proven track record. Also, keep your friend or relative hopeful, irrespective of the case's outcome.

Immigration cases are often lengthy, and it could take months, sometimes years, for the court to resolve an issue. During your release, take advantage of completing residency processes if you have started but not finished. It is also perfectly okay, encouraged even, to use the time to begin gaining legal residency. Any efforts you make can be beneficial to the outcome of your immigration case.

What If You Do Not Comply With The Set Requirements?

Failure to comply with set release conditions can be harmful to both you and the person who provided collateral for your bond.  If you miss a hearing or meeting with an ICE officer, you are at risk for re-arrest or deportation, and the person, who so kindly provided necessary collateral, will be at risk for losing the funds.

Find an Immigration Bond Dealer Near Me

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we understand that being detained for immigration issues in Nebraska can be stressful and full of uncertainties. While immigration detention is not prison, it feels like imprisonment, and detainees cannot get their lives back on track unless they post an immigration bond or their case is determined.

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