Brennan Immigration Bonds has an important mission:

To create an easy, fast, and worry-free immigration bond process. We are focused on providing you with all of the important answers that you are looking for. We guide you and provide stability during this time of angst and worry. Our familiarity with the immigration system is unparalleled. Joe Brennan has a specialized license to post federal immigration bonds, thus is able to offer this “one-stop” service. Having a middle-man complicates this process and reduces the quality of the attention you receive and deserve. We take great, personal care with each of our clients. Our promise to you is simple. We will always go the extra mile to help our clients achieve the best outcome, and we will deliver what many agencies cannot.


Our experience is based on over 25 years of working closely with our community. Our professionalism and experience in this industry make our company the best choice to handle your immigration bond. Genuine care and concern for our clients has helped us to grow an organization that we are proud of and one that you can trust when writing your federal immigration bond.

As a family-owned and operated company, we are dedicated to reuniting yours.

Even after a defendant has been released on an immigration bond, we remain closely involved. Many times, there are concerns or questions that arise after the immigration bond has been written. Quite often friends and family members are putting their names on the line to release their loved ones. We are dedicated to keeping our clients out of trouble and on the right track. There is peace of mind knowing we are always a phone call away, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help in any way we can.

The Agents at Brennan Immigration Bonds

Joseph Brennan, Owner/Agent

Joe Brennan has been serving Miami and the surrounding cities for over 25 years. Joe’s family has roots in Panama and Argentina, which allowed Joe to witness the emotional and challenging immigration process for many years. He was fortunate enough to have travelled to many countries as a child, and learned to speak fluent Spanish during those years. In this industry, experience is everything and Joe utilizes both his personal experiences, as well as the knowledge he has gained since becoming a bondsman and business owner almost 30 years ago. He applies this knowledge and experience to ensure that you have the fastest, most convenient service possible. Joe is friendly, personable and takes great pride in providing families with genuine care and attention. Joe is from a very large family and sympathizes with those who are faced with separation from their loved ones. He also takes time to carefully explain each step, and feels that, by educating our clients, he is spreading knowledge into the community. In time, he believes this could eliminate the fear and confusion that currently exists for many immigrants in the United States.

Frances “Deese” Rodriguez, Agent/Office Manager

Deese began working in the bond industry in 2010. She spent many years working in the Pediatric Dental field, and wanted to transition into something different. It was important that her new career provide the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others. After learning about the immigration process, detention, and unnecessary separation from loved ones, Deese chose the bail bond industry. She made it a priority to deliver the honest and personalized experience that she felt the industry was lacking. Deese believes that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. As the wife of a Cuban immigrant, Deese has heard many stories of the struggles that her in-laws have faced while on their journey to the United States, as well as the struggles of being in a new country. Finding housing, navigating the school system for their children, and finding work was, and is, difficult. Deese has a very strong admiration for immigrants and their families, for the absolute determination that they have to make a better life. Though there have been some beautiful stories of new beginnings, Deese hopes to create a happier ending for the immigration stories of today, and of the future.

The Bond Squad

At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we are a family. This photo is very special because we lost Joe’s brother, my uncle, Tom (Far Right) in 2017. He was a huge part of our lives and an integral part of the company. In 2020, we suffered another unexpected loss, when Joe’s cousin, Bill, passed away. Bill was in the office every day with us, helping with anything he could, while also being our accountant, the best listener and giver of advice, and translator. Though these losses brought us great sadness, we find happiness in providing hope to those who have been separated, and even more joy when we are able to reunite friends and family.