The U.S. Immigration Department is responsible for ensuring that people migrating to the U.S. have proper documentation, live safely, and do not threaten national or border security. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will not hesitate to arrest, detain, and deport anyone that does not adhere to the laws of the state where they reside. For most people living and working in the US, an ICE arrest comes when it is least expected.

If ICE officials come to talk to you, always be cooperative and patient. As long as you have committed no criminal offenses, you have a good chance of being granted a bond. If a bond is granted at the time you are detained and you are not required to see an immigration judge, you can arrange for the bond to be posted right away. Contact our office or a family member or friend that you entrust to handle this responsibility. Agents at Brennan Immigration Bonds can help find the most comfortable arrangement for paying the fee and collateral required. We offer reliable, affordable, and timely immigration bonds that could ensure your release from ICE detention immediately after your arrest.

What Immigration Bonds Entail

An arrest, for whatever reason, can significantly disrupt your life. Nobody is well-prepared for an arrest, whether by law enforcement or immigration officials. When it happens, you may be confused, anxious, and not know what to do secure your release. The good thing about ICE arrests is that most detainees are permitted to post an immigration bond to obtain their freedom right after an arrest. Once released, you can return to life as usual, while waiting for your permanent residency status to be approved.

An immigration bond is what ICE determines is a sufficient guarantee that the alien will honor all court dates without fail. By posting a bond, you promise that, if a person is set free from ICE detention, all court hearings or meetings will be attended until the case is terminated. You also commit to abiding by the law and all the terms and conditions set by the judge.

Remember that once you are freed on bond from ICE detention, it does not signify the termination of your case. You still need to attend hearings regarding your case. If you miss a scheduled appearance, you risk losing the collateral that was provided to secure the bond. This could be cash or real estate property belonging to the alien or belonging to any person who used their property to secure the release.

What you pay as an immigration bond is determined by an immigration judge. The judge sets the amount depending on the facts of the case and your criminal history. Some people are required to post a higher bond than others for the same offense.

You must post the entire bond to obtain your freedom from ICE detention. Many people ask why they should use a bond company if they can pay the ICE facility directly. There are many reasons, but the most common reason is to find flexibility in paying everything up front. Also, many people do not have access to large amounts of cash and prefer to use their homes, instead. This is only possible through the services of a licensed immigration bail bond agent. Another reason is that collateral is usually returned in a fraction of the time. Our agency returns collateral within 7-10 days of the case being terminated. Many people consider this a priceless advantage of using an agency, as opposed to paying an ICE facility. And lastly, a valuable benefit is having someone who knows the industry and is experienced in immigration bonds to follow the case. If ever there is a document or communication required for a case, a bond agent can likely provide the document, or at least direction, in order to obtain what is required by the court. Instead of trying to understand this difficult process on your own, you have an agency that will always take that burden for you. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to speak to our clients about their bonds and their cases.

Eligibility for an Immigration Bond

If you are among the lucky ones permitted to post bond, you must do so quickly, as these bonds typically have a 2 week posting period. After that, you must see an immigration judge. This takes between 7 and 21 days.

The judge considers a few factors when granting bond to ICE detainees.

For instance, the judge will consider whether or not any danger exists to the community. If the detainee has committed a serious felony, like murder or rape, they are considered a danger to the community. In that case, the judge will deny your bond request. But if your immigration issue does not present a risk to community safety, you qualify for a bond.

The judge will also consider whether there is a flight risk. A person is a flight risk if they are likely to flee the court's jurisdiction once freed on bond. The judge wants you to remain in the community until the case's conclusion. If you have a permanent job or family, the court is sure you will stay within the community. In that case, the judge will grant your bond request. A person may move and live anywhere they choose, but must notify ICE of any changes.

Your criminal history is also crucial in determining your eligibility for an immigration bond. Habitual offenders are likely to commit more crimes when out on bond. But if you are a first offender or have a clean criminal record, the judge will grant your bond request.

Some crimes do not qualify you for immigration bonds, even when you are a first offender. For instance, if you face charges for a crime of moral turpitude, like spousal abuse, murder, kidnapping, and rape, you are not eligible for an immigration bond. Other crimes that disqualify you from an immigration bond include aggravated felonies like theft, burglary, and drug-related crimes.

Your Immigration Bond Options

An immigration bond does not refer to only one type of bond. ICE has three main options for immigrants, depending on their case details and preference. It helps to understand each option well so that you can choose the best bond for you and your situation.

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond works more or less the same as an ordinary bail bond set by criminal court judges. The bond's main aim is to ensure that you attend all court hearings once out on bond. It also helps you adhere to the removal order if you receive one after the case.

ICE will process your release document once you pay the total amount of the delivery bond. It will also ensure the return of collateral after your case is terminated. If you make all court appearances and follow all court orders, you will receive a refund of your delivery bond. But the court can forfeit your bond if you fail to appear.

Voluntary Departure Bond

In some cases, immigrants decide to leave the U.S. out of their own free will instead of going through the court process after an arrest by ICE. If you make the same decision, you will request a voluntary departure bond. The bond signifies that you have agreed to leave on your own, at your cost. Once you post the bond, they will process your release. You will receive a full refund of your bond once you leave.

Order of Supervision Immigration Bond

You qualify for this immigration bond if your immigration case requires you to abide by a particular set of terms and conditions. The bond requirement could also require you to attend regular meetings with ICE officials. While under this bond, you will be free to work and live in the U.S. while the judge decides your case. If you fail to follow through with the requirements or you fail to follow a deportation order (if given by the judge), the court relinquishes your bond. But if you follow through with all the set conditions, you will receive a refund of the entire bond after the case.

Paying for an Immigration Bond

Even if you do not know the type of bond you have, our agent will determine what type of bond must be posted for release. The one who pays the immigration bond becomes the obligor, meaning that they are guaranteeing the bond and are accepting risk on your behalf. They could lose their money or property if the alien does not appear for scheduled hearings or meetings.

Bail bond companies accept liability for the bond, therefore must have sufficient collateral to secure the bond in the event that the bond is forfeited by ICE. Immigration bonds require that a 15% premium be paid in order for the bond to be posted.

The Benefits of Choosing Miami Immigration Bonds

If you are in ICE detention in Miami and have no way to pay your bond for your freedom, you can quickly contact and hire an immigration bond agency to help you in such a situation. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

You Quickly Get Out of Jail

When immigration officials detain you, there is usually no way to tell how long you will be in custody. If the judge grants your bond request, you will be released soon after paying the bond. A faster way to do this is through the help of a bond company. Our agents act very quickly and are familiar with the bond process. We have experience with the local jails and courts. Thus, we will promptly post your bond electronically to ensure that you are released as soon as possible.

You Can Return To Your Life

Immigration detention does not always have the same outcome, and occasionally people are not granted bond. Only ICE officers or an Immigration judge can determine if a bond will be granted. Our agency is unable to acquire a bond or request a change in bond amounts. Only an attorney can help with these requests. However, if a bond is set, our agency will assist you and your loved ones in your timely release from custody. Bonds offer you freedom before to return to your life, family, and job while the judge determines your case, or permanent residency status is pending. Immigration cases can be lengthy, and their outcomes do not always result in your return to friends and family. Thus, being released on a bond is even more important. For many detainees, being released on bond is the only way for them to reunite with loved ones prior to moving back to their country.

Miami Immigration Bonds Are Affordable

Immigration bonds are expensive and unaffordable for many immigrants. But Miami immigration bonds are affordable. You only pay a percentage of the bond amount as a fee for the services, and our agency will work with you to ensure proper collateral is secured.

Find a Reliable Immigration Bond Dealer Near Me

If you are in ICE detention in Miami and need help with posting your bond, call us right away. We are a  reputable and experienced bond agency and will help you through the process to minimize time spent in detention. At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we have trustworthy agents always available to help. They will make the process smooth and quickly secure your freedom so that you can return to the life you are accustomed to, without delay. Call us at 888-668-1588 to learn more about our services.