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Brennan Immigration Bonds

It can be overwhelming when ICE detains you or your loved one for an immigration-related issue. Brennan Immigration Bonds is here to support you by providing immigration bonds services to help you attain your freedom. Our services will give you the much-needed comfort, stability, and control over your situation during an unfamiliar process. We are always a phone call away, ready to help you by providing you with immigration bail bond services. Our services are available throughout the country for your convenience at 888-668-1588.

Have You Or a Loved One Been Detained For An Immigration - Related Issue? Don’t Wait!

Brennan Immigration Bonds is a family-owned and family-run bail bond provider whose goal is to reunite families that become separated due to an arrest. An arrest related to immigration issues leads to unique circumstances and legal procedures, including securing bail. We strive to ensure that you experience fast, stress-free, and reliable immigration bond services for your loved one.

We are keen to remain close to you even after the release of your loved one so that we can answer the questions you might have and clarify issues such as your responsibilities and those of your loved one. You can count on us to continue providing compassionate and professional support as long as we are working with you.

We have worked in the immigration bond industry for more than 25 years, giving us the professional edge and experience to help you. Our firm is licensed to provide immigration bond services across all states, making us a trusted leader in our field.

Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a pleasant and professional experience with us. We are not here to add to your frustrations, but to ease them.

It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by all the information on immigration bail bonds, especially when your loved one is already detained. Call us as soon as possible so that you can be reunited with your loved one.

Who We Are

What We Do

We help immigrants and their families to post bail for their loved ones who are detained by the Department of Homeland Security or ICE. Aliens detained by the US government for immigration issues have the right to secure release through immigration bonds.

Immigration bonds serve as surety that the detainee will appear in court for all the hearings. The amount of bail set can be prohibitive since the lowest delivery bond costs $1,500. Your loved one could be required to pay bail as high as $100,000.

However, most people find bail payments to be expensive – which is where we come in. We post an immigration bond on your behalf, enabling your loved one to secure release. We post all bonds electronically through the eBond system with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) No matter where your loved one is located; we can get the job done! Most times we achieve same day release. ICE accepts bonds Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) between the hours of 8am and 3pm. Once the bond is approved, the detainee will likely be released within several hours. We are fully automated, which means you can complete and sign most forms from your home computer, or even from your smartphone. However, the payment of an immigration bond and release of your loved one do not terminate the case with ICE. You will still be required to make all court appearances and adhere to the requirements of ICE.

We take you through the immigration bond process to ensure you gain your freedom in the shortest time possible. We help you navigate the complex world of immigration bail bonds to ensure you understand the entire process, your loved one’s rights, and your responsibilities.

Do you have any questions about immigration bail bonds? Call us now; we offer 24/7 service; therefore, you can count on us to be available when you need us.

Our payment terms are clear – we have no hidden charges and no annual charges, making our services affordable and accessible.

We offer fast and efficient services that ensure same-day release – Most times, you will get your loved one's freedom the same day you request the bond.

Immigration Bail Bond Services

Our immigration bail bond services make the process of having your loved one released from detention easier and stress-free. We help in getting either delivery or voluntary departure immigration bonds.

Delivery bonds are those that guarantee the release of a detainee. They work like regular criminal bonds to release the detainee from custody. Brennan Immigration Bonds vouches for its clients to show up for all their immigration hearings and comply with additional terms of their release.

Voluntary departure bonds are available to immigrants who will voluntarily leave the US and return to their native country on their freewill. The government will require that you leave the US within a period as ICE and judge specify.

Once we have this information, we will begin the process of filling in the necessary paperwork and require you as the cosigner to furnish us with details of the collateral you intend to use.

Collateral is the security you place to cover the bail amount. It serves as security in case the detainee fails to honor his or her obligations to the court. Some of the collateral we accept includes real estate property, credit cards, and cash.

You will receive your collateral upon the completion of the immigration case regardless of the outcome. ICE will send a cancellation order indicating that the case against the detainee is complete.

You will be required to pay a 15% non-refundable premium of the total bail amount.

When you call us requesting immigration bond services, we will
request information such as:

  • The alien or registration number of the detainee
  • The full name of the detainee (spelled correctly)
  • The country of origin
  • The date of birth of the detainee
  • The name of the detention facility

You can also provide details of travel arrangements you have made for the detainee so that we can pass that information along. You can typically be reunited with your loved one within a few hours of filing the paperwork.

Once your loved one is released from the detention facility, we will provide you with guidelines on ensuring that you conform to ICE and the judge's requirements. You must also provide your current address to ICE and keep it updated in case of changes so that you can receive and respond to communications from ICE promptly.

Get the Relief and Freedom For You or 
Your Loved One in the Shortest Time Possible.

Immigration Bond

An understanding of the immigration bond process can help you clarify issues such as the events set to happen, when, and how they will happen.

Immigration issues are the leading cause of the arrest of more than 100,000 aliens in the US. These individuals are detained in federal custody, awaiting the court's decision on their case. However, before the court decides, eligible immigrants can seek bail to secure their release from detention.

The immigration bond process follows several steps, which include:


The arrest and detention of the immigrant: it is advisable that you remain calm and do not attempt to abscond or be violent with the arresting officers.


The booking of the immigrant and placement with the federal government


Once you are booked and processed, an immigration judge will determine your eligibility for bail and the amount you should pay. Once you learn of your eligibility, you should contact your loved one to post bail on your behalf. The amount of bail required varies on a case-by-case basis.  


Once you find an immigration bond company, you will fill the necessary paperwork, pay a 15% non-refundable premium of the total bail amount, and secure the bond with collateral such as a lien on property or cash.


The final step involves posting bail with the relevant office, after which your loved one will be released from custody. The release does not end your case; therefore, you must obey all notices to appear, to avoid a court ruling in your absence.

If you were arrested for another crime, the process might be different. You might have to go through the criminal case first and post criminal bail. Afterward, ICE might place a hold on you, following which we can post an immigration bond on your behalf.

Immigration bail bonds are different from regular criminal bail bonds. While they serve the same purpose of setting you free before the conclusion of your case, you might still have some questions that need clarification. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we encounter.

An immigration bail is the amount of money you pay to ICE for the release of a family member, or a friend who is detained for immigration issues. The bond serves as a guarantee to the government that you will appear for all your immigration hearings once you are released.

Immigration bonds are not designed as punishment for the immigration issue for which ICE detained you for (you can receive a refund once your immigration case is complete). The bond works as a guarantee as long as you comply with the requirements of ICE. Failure to meet these conditions, especially appearing for your immigration hearing, will result in the breach of your bond and possible removal. In some cases, you might become ineligible to return to the US for five or twenty years and sometimes, forever.

ICE is strict on ensuring that immigrants adhere to the laws of the US. After the arrest and conviction of an immigrant of illegal or legal status, ICE can place an immigration hold on the individual even if he or she has completed the sentence.

An immigration hold or detainer is a notification by the government to the body currently holding the immigrant, not to release the individual. When ICE places a hold on you, you will be transferred to a federal holding facility upon the completion of your term.

The common reasons ICE places a hold on you include:

  • You are an undocumented immigrant or are living illegally in the US.
  • You committed a deportable crime, regardless of your legal status in the US.
  • You have a pending order of removal in the US.

ICE will retain the hold on you until it verifies your legal status, completes the removal hearing, or deports you. If your friend or loved one is placed on an immigration hold, you can secure their freedom by posting an immigration bail bond on their behalf.

An immigration hearing is one you request so that ICE can determine whether to release you on bail. Such hearings are different and separate from the immigration hearing concerning the issue for which you were detained.

At the immigration hearing, the judge has to decide the following:

  • Whether you should be released as your immigration case is going on,
  • Whether you should pay bail to secure your release from detention, and
  • The amount of money you should pay for your release

If ICE already granted you bail, you can request an immigration bond hearing to have the bail amount reduced or that you be released on your own recognizance. You can write to the judge requesting the hearing (your letter must be in English) or fill in the required forms.

You only have one chance to have a bond hearing; therefore, you must be ready to present your case on why the judge should release you on your own recognizance or lower the original bail amount.

The judge will determine whether:

  • You do not pose a threat to society and
  • You will attend future immigration hearings if you are released.

Some of the factors the judge considers when determining the two facts above include:

  • Family ties in the US and the immigration status of your family,
  • Community ties in your residence in the US,
  • Property and valuables that you own,
  • Your work and employment history,
  • Issues such as missed court dates you have previously had with the DHS or ICE,
  • Your criminal record and status (whether you are rehabilitated and the steps you have taken towards rehabilitation), and
  • Defenses you have or alternatives to removal

Preparation is key to a successful bond hearing. Some things you can do to get ready for the hearing include:

  • Prepare what to say at the hearing (do not include false information such as denying a conviction).
  • Get your information together; if you need papers or letters from family or friends, have the documents sent directly to you so that you can present them to the judge.
  • Include the current street address and the address of the person you will be living with until you secure employment.
  • Make copies of all the documents you will present, and keep a copy of each for yourself.

Immigration bond hearings take about a day to complete. You also have a chance to appeal the hearing if you do not agree with the judge's decision.

Note that the immigration bond hearing does not affect other immigration hearings; therefore, you must attend your immigration hearings unless the judge postpones the immigration hearings to a future date.

You, a friend, or family can post an immigration bond. If you are paying for yourself, you can pay at ICE detention center you are in.

If you are paying on behalf of your family or friend, you can pay through a cashier’s check to the Department of Homeland Security, or use immigration bond services. You must be a U.S. citizen to post an immigration bond at the facility. However, any friend or loved one can safely use our services, regardless of immigration status.

If you need the services of an immigration bond company, call us right away. You will present a valid photo ID alongside the detainee's information.

The process of paying an immigration bond takes about an hour. Once paid, whether to an ICE office or through a bail bond company, an ICE official will notify the detention center to release your loved one.

The costs of immigration bonds differ depending on the immigration status of the detainee and the issue for which they are detained. However, if you are paying a voluntary departure bond, the lowest amount you can pay is $500 and $1500 for a delivery bond.

The criminal history and the ties the detainee has to the US also play a role in the final cost of the bail. The higher the risk a detainee poses, the higher the bail amount they have to pay. Therefore, based on the circumstances and the type of bail, you could pay hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Since the cost of bail is usually high and unaffordable for most, you can work with Brennan Immigration Bonds to pay the bail on your behalf. In this case, you will have to pay a 15% non-refundable premium of the total immigration bond and secure the bond with collateral.

Yes. If you pay the bail to ICE, then you can recover a refund after the completion of the immigration case. However, if the detainee fails to attend an immigration hearing, and the court forfeits his or her bail, you cannot receive a refund.

If you posted bail through a bail bond company, you will recover the collateral. If you posted the bond with the facility directly, it could take 3 to 6 months to receive a return of collateral. If you choose to use our services, collateral is returned within 30 days of the bond being cancelled.

Not every person who is detained can qualify for an immigration bond. You might be eligible for immigration bonds if:

  • You do not have prior arrests or convictions for serious offenses such as crimes of moral turpitude.
  • You are not requesting admission into the US at the point of entry.
  • You committed an ineligible offense while under 18 years, and five years have passed since

You are, however, ineligible for release on an immigration bond if:

  • You entered the US illegally and did not get legal status after entry.
  • You have committed or are convicted of crimes involving:
    • Moral turpitude
    • Controlled substances
    • Two or more offenses that had a sentence of five or more years
    • Drug trafficking
    • Prostitution
    • Terrorist activities

    You could be ineligible for an immigration bond even if you entered the US legally and were not arrested at the point of entry if you have been charged or convicted for offenses such as:

  • Aggravated felonies
  • Two or more crimes of moral turpitude
  • Firearm offenses
  • Federal crimes such as spying
  • One crime of moral turpitude for which you served a sentence of at least one year and the offense was within five years of your admission into the US or attainment of lawful immigration status.
  • You should speak to an immigration attorney if you have committed offenses that could make you ineligible for immigration bail bonds. Such an attorney will provide information about the available exceptions and options you can pursue.


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Having a friend or a loved one detained can cause you anguish and worry. We at Brennan Immigration Bonds provide you with the relief you so desperately need by helping you post bail for your loved one.

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