You may have to deal with stressful circumstances after facing detention in an immigration facility. You might not have legal status in the United States, making the situation even worse, and finding the services you need to get your freedom back is hard. Due to this, you want to work with an experienced immigration bond company to exit detention and focus on defending your charges.

With Brennan Immigration Bonds, you work with a skilled team ready to handle your immigration matters efficiently. Over the years, we have changed how we work to fit the needs of different cases, so you do not have to worry about unnecessary delays.

What Is an Immigration Bond?

When you break immigration laws, the ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) can detain and file charges against you. For example, you may be detained for allowing a travel or work visa to expire, for being in possession of fraudulent travel documents, importing illegal items, or for living in the United States without any legal status.

If you are in immigration custody, you may be permitted to post a bond for release. This decision, and the amount of the bond, will be made by either an immigration judge or a deportation officer. similar to a regular criminal charge. However, the difference is that you will post a unique bond payment in exchange for your freedom. The different types of bonds can be found on our “Services” page.

Anyone posting an immigration bond for a loved one will sign a Bail Bond Agreement, which is an acknowledgement that you will guarantee their appearance at any required court hearings or appointments. Furthermore, if the rules set forth by the immigration judge are broken, your loved one could be re-arrested. These rules include being arrested for another crime, failing to update the court if they move, or missing a scheduled appointment.

Usually, any detained person will appear before a judge within 14 days of being detained. In some cases, a person may have a bond set prior to going to court, but most must wait until appearing before the immigration court. Anytime a bond is not set, an attorney may be hired to assist in filing a motion with the immigration court to have a bond set.

Secondly, the judge will assess your case based on the several factors, including how long you have been in the US, the way in which you entered the US, whether legal status had ever been obtained, and what family ties you have in the United States. Depending on this information, a decision will be made regarding setting a bond.

Since the judge cannot make arbitrary findings about who to release or detain in an immigration-related case, they rely on various factors for guidance. Doing so helps them remain objective by considering important possible outcomes of your release.

Factors to Consider Before the Judge Allows Release on Bond

Notably, the factors that the judge considers greatly depend on your case circumstances. Hence, not all the elements are relevant to your matter, but you want a deeper understanding of each to help you prepare for the hearing.

So, here are the main things the judge must determine before granting a bond:

Whether You Will Attend Future Court Hearings

Firstly, you want to satisfy the judge that you will attend all future court trial proceedings, as it is the primary condition for release.

The immigration judge will want to know your intentions for being in the United States. It should be the detainee’s goal to obtain permanent residency or citizenship. In that case, it may take up to 3 years to meet all of the requirements. It is important that, during the duration of your case, you will be present for any hearings or appointments that are scheduled.

Moreover, you risk your freedom and face rearrest for non-compliance due to missing any scheduled events. Thus, you want to work with your Colorado immigration bonds agent to ensure you keep track of all expected court attendance dates.

Your Likelihood to Commit Other Offenses Upon Your Release

The judge must also establish whether you will likely commit another offense after release. If a person has been residing in the United States prior to detention, and has an arrest history, that will be taken into consideration when setting a bond. If a detainee is in custody due to felony criminal charges, such as serious drug charges or violent crimes, a bond may be set for a higher amount or with restrictions. There are several types of immigration bonds to ensure that, even under special circumstances, most detainees will have the opportunity to be released while their case is ongoing.

Therefore, the judge will review relevant information and any previous criminal records available in order to make a decision.  

Based on the information, the judge will render their decision and notify the detainee during the bond hearing. If a bond is granted, the requirements and any restrictions will be explained. Conversely, if bond is denied, the reasons and considerations for reaching this decision should be explained.

Whether You are a Flight Risk

Additional efforts to ensure you appear for all court hearings are necessary, so you must reassure the court that you are not a flight risk. A person falls within the flight risk category if they are highly likely to flee the country before resolution to their case.

The Strength of Your Case

Those who enter the country without proper legal documentation, or those who have had previous legal status which expired, will likely be granted a bond. The immigration case is then pending and open while you go through the necessary processes to become a permanent resident. The case is terminated when you have proof of having obtained legal status.

In the case that a person decides to return to their country of origin prior to case termination, proof of residency in that country can be provided so that the case can be closed and the bond can be cancelled.

Your Effect on the General Community Upon Release

Finally, the court must remain aware of the importance of upholding the community’s safety by authorizing your release. Thus, the judge will rely on information about your past criminal involvement to guide whether releasing you is the best option. Based on this, those persons having recently entered the United States are better positioned to secure a release on bond, because they have no existing criminal history that could sway the judge against ordering their release.

If the community is likely to suffer harm, unrest, or uproar upon your release, you are less likely to be released from immigration custody. Nonetheless, you can request your defense attorney to present any issues you would like for the court to consider before completely denying you freedom.

Using an Immigration Bonds Agent

There are many reasons to have an experienced Colorado immigration bond agent involved in posting your immigration bond. The process of posting an immigration bond can be an extremely confusing and frustrating process for friends and family of a detained loved one. At Brennan Immigration Bonds, the entire process is handled by an agent specializing in posting these specific types of bonds. It allows the detainee, and persons posting the bond, to eliminate all of the stress involved. You are able to ask any questions and can rely on your bondsman to provide honest and detailed answers so that you are always informed. You can proceed at your own pace without being rushed. We know how difficult it can be to make decisions when being rushed through an unknown experience, so we make sure to guide you through each step.

It is also very beneficial to have a professional bondman to communicate with ICE deportation officers regarding the bond, details of release, and travel requirements. Your bondsman will make sure to follow the case closely so you will be informed of upcoming court dates or appointments. When the time comes to have your bond cancelled, it is helpful to have a bondman who can communicate with effectively ICE to obtain any required documents. Brennan Immigration Bonds will also return any collateral to indemnitors immediately upon receiving the Cancellation of Bond.

Upon your initial contact with an immigration bond company, they will engage you to obtain some information necessary for processing your application and transaction. The bond agent will ensure that the bond is posted correctly, while meeting all necessary requirements for a speedy release.

Further, the immigration bond company has experience in handling multiple immigration cases and is familiar with the unexpected issues that sometimes arise. The agent is also more likely to have built a rapport with immigration officers and judges serving in Colorado. Therefore, navigating the judicial system is easier for them.

Information to Provide Your Colorado Immigration Bond Agent During the Release Process

The Colorado immigration bond agent will request specific details, so you want to know what to expect in advance, as it may speed up the application process. Firstly, the agent will request the detainee’s Alien number, which refers to the identification number issued to any non-citizen or resident in the United States. You will also need to provide the detainee’s country of birth. With just that information, the bond agency can confirm that your loved one is in custody and in which facility they are located.

If you are in custody and are contacting an immigration bond agency, you should be able to locate your Alien number on your detention records. If you cannot locate this number, simply request it from an officer at the facility. This number is very confidential and it will not be provided to anyone but the detainee. Unless that number is available to the bond company, further progress cannot be made in posting a bond.

Further, you want to provide your birth date and country of origin. Since these are details well known to you, you can give them during the first phone call to your agent to enable them to begin the application process to post bond sooner.

If the agent requires additional information, they will request it in the first few conversations, giving them the power to proceed with the entire process on your behalf. It will be necessary for the bond company to contact a friend or family member to sign some documents for your bond. Most times, this paperwork can be signed electronically. Once the information has been received and necessary documents have been signed, a request to post your immigration bond will be submitted electronically, as well. Posting through the eBond system ensures that your bond is received by ICE immediately.

Usually, an immigration bond is verified and the request is approved within an hour. The bond is then signed and submitted. At this point, freedom is only a few hours away.

How the Colorado Immigrations Bond Agent Retrieves the Bond Payment

If you use an immigration bond company to post a bond, you will need to be prepared to provide collateral in the amount of the bond. This can be in the form of cash, credit or real estate property. In the case that you use your home as collateral, a lien is placed on the property for the duration of the case, but is immediately satisfied upon the cancellation of the bond.

You should note that failure to attend court proceedings after your release or compliance with all other restrictions results in an automatic violation on your part. Should a detainee fail to follow through with any commitments made to ICE, the security, or collateral, being held for your bond will be forfeited.

For all immigration bonds, agencies charge a premium in the amount of 15% of the bond. Though any form of collateral will always be returned when the bond is cancelled, this premium is not returned. It is the cost of the services provided by the immigration bond agency.

Jail and Court Information

When a loved one faces detention for suspected immigration violations, you want to keep track of their case as often as possible. Using the jail and court information below is beneficial, as you will have access to them for assistance:

Denver Contract Detention Facility (Aurora) ICE

3130 N Oakland Street,

Aurora, Colorado,

80010, United States.


Aurora Immigration Court

3130N Oakland Street,

Aurora, Colorado,

80010, United States.


Teller County Detention Facility-Denver Field Office

287 County Road 29,

Divide, Colorado,

80814, United States.


El Paso County Criminal Justice Center Colorado- Denver Field Office

2739 East Las Vegas Street,

Colorado Springs, Colorado,

80906, United States.


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Remaining in the custody of an immigration facility can be daunting because it halts your normal life, especially if you lack the funds to post the immigration bonds. Further, if you have lived and worked in the country for a long period of time, your residency status may become unclear, resulting in additional worries for you. You can overcome these uncertainties by working with Brennan Immigration Bonds. We remain dedicated to helping our clients, from their release until their case has been terminated.

With our help, you will regain your freedom, giving you the opportunity to work, maintain your home, and spend time with friends and family. Moreover, since the immigration bonds company oversees all operations, they will help you process the required documents faster.

With Brennan Immigration Bonds, you have a skilled bonds agent handle your release and to assist you with the many obstacles that could arise as your case is ongoing. Moreover, our flexible terms make us the go-to immigration bonds company for any client in Colorado. For more information on immigration bonds, contact us at 888-668-1588.