If the Immigration Department detains you or someone you know, it helps to be informed of your options. Detention separates you from your loved ones, friends, school, or work. This separation can be quite challenging for friends and families.  But, you can obtain your freedom with immediate release by posting an immigration bond. Sadly, immigration bonds are usually set high, hence unaffordable for most families. However, you can partner with a trustworthy immigration bond agency, such as Brennan Immigration Bonds, to help post a bond for a much faster release. We offer reliability and affordability to immigration detainees throughout the country. Our agents always available for your call in order to begin the bond process right away.

What is Immigration Bond

The United States receives thousands of immigrants every year. People relocate to the country for different reasons, including work, search for better livelihoods, and to join other family members already living here. The Immigration Department works around the clock to ensure that immigrants have proper documents and abide by the law during their stay in the U.S.

However, issues sometimes arise, and the immigration department detains an immigrant for reasons like overstaying a visa, lack of proper documentation, entering the United States illegally, or commission of a crime. When you or your loved one is detained by U.S immigration, it is usually a tough time for your family and friends. You can no longer spend time with your loved ones or work to provide for their needs. But, immigration allows detainees to post immigration bonds to obtain their release before trial. That will enable you to return to your life, family, friends, school, or work as you attend court hearings.

Thus, an immigration bond is the monetary security or property you provide to an immigration court in order to ensure your freedom during an ongoing immigration case. The bond is to ensure that the detainee is released from custody and will stay in the U.S to attend all court hearings until the termination of their case. An immigration bond is a federal bond which guarantees that you will attend all court hearings and that you will obey the court's ruling at the end of your case.

Once a bond has been accepted by ICE, the detainee will be released from custody. Remember that this release does not mean the end of your immigration case. You will be expected to attend other immigration hearings until a judge concludes your issue. Failing to do so could attract additional charges. You could also lose the entire bond by failing to comply with any requirements of the court or ICE.

Types of Immigration Bonds Available in Massachusetts

There are mainly two kinds of immigration bonds available for immigration detainees that have been deemed safe to be released into the community and are not dangerous to national or public safety. If you qualify for an immigration bond, you could opt for:

A Delivery Bond

You can request the court to release you on a delivery bond. The judge or ICE officer will consider the severity of your offense before granting your request. The court will also set an amount based on the details of your case. Once you pay the bond, ICE will order your release temporarily, with the agreement that you will appear in court on all scheduled dates for hearings. If you fail to appear for whatever reason, ICE can detain you again, with no possibility of granting you a bond in the future. Additionally, you could lose the bond. A delivery bond is for those who wish to remain in the United States and plan on applying to be a permanent resident and then a citizen. Once the detainee has received a permanent resident card, the bond will be cancelled.

A Voluntary Departure Bond

This type of bond is granted to those who are willing to leave the country voluntarily after release from immigration detention. The voluntary departure bond is available for detainees that no longer wish to continue living in the United States. You must first agree to leave the country within a specific time frame and at your own expense. When proof has been submitted, usually an affidavit or statement signed by the embassy or consulate, stating that the detainee is physically in their country of birth, the bond will be cancelled.

But, if you fail to leave within the agreed time and on the agreed conditions, the court will forfeit the bond. You will also be detained again and charged. You will then be banned from returning to the United States for a specified period of time. If a detainee returns to the US and is detained after such restrictions, he/she could be facing years of detention for a felony conviction.

Eligibility for Immigration Bonds in Massachusetts

ICE immigration bonds are available for most immigrants, provided that they have not committed an offense to be in mandatory detention. Some crimes could cause the court to deny you an immigration bond, including crimes of moral turpitude and drug-related offenses. Otherwise, you can qualify for an immigration bond if you meet all the requirements of ICE.

Eligibility for Massachusetts immigration bonds is based on two main factors:

  • That you do not face charges for, or have not been convicted of, a serious crime
  • You are not an arriving immigrant, or a person applying for entry at a U.S port of entry

If you have prior arrests and criminal convictions while living in the U.S, it would be best to talk to an experienced immigration lawyer. Your lawyer will determine whether your previous arrests and offenses will disqualify you for an immigration bond. Remember that even though your last criminal convictions were dismissed or expunged, they could still carry severe immigration consequences. It is advisable to request an immigration bond even when unsure about your eligibility.

If you qualify for an immigration bond, the decision on whether to grant you the bond or not still lies with the judge and ICE. Other factors could disqualify you, including the possibility of not appearing for your immigration hearings once released from detention on bond.

First, determine whether ICE has set an amount for individual release after detention. ICE initially sets cases at no bond, especially if you have a history of arrests and/or criminal convictions.

It is an added advantage to have legal representation in the process. Your lawyer can negotiate for a reasonable bond if ICE has not set one for you or your bond has been too high. Your attorney will use various strategies to convince the judge to determine a fair amount, including providing evidence that you are not a danger to the public or an assurance that you will appear for all court hearings as ordered.

If you are eligible for an immigration bond and the court sets a fair amount, your attorney or a family member can contact Brennan Immigration Bonds so that you can be released the same day.

Paying for Massachusetts Immigration Bonds

If you are eligible for an immigration bond, you are lucky. You can put up the bond and obtain your freedom in minutes. However, it is necessary to understand the various payment methods available for you and your loved ones.

Some families opt to fundraise from other family members and friends. But this could take a long time, especially since you will still be in detention. If you cannot afford enough cash for your immigration bond, it is advisable to seek an alternative means that will enable you to obtain a much quicker release from detention. This is where immigration bond agencies become very helpful. They are third-party companies that offer alternate methods to immigrants and their families that cannot afford to post bonds for their loved one's release from immigration detention.

Immigration bond agents post bonds with ICE on behalf of their clients. They guarantee ICE that they will pay the entire bond amount to the court if the immigration bond is forfeited. You will be required to pay a small fee for the services of an immigration bond agency. Most companies charge a bond premium of 15% of the bond, which is the recommended percentage in all states. Note that this premium is non-refundable as it will constitute your fee for the bond services. For this 15%, you receive the piece of mind knowing that the agency will be corresponding directly with ICE. This relieves you or any friends or family, from having to navigate the confusing immigration system. Brennan Immigration Bonds will assist with any requirements for documentation to ensure that your case is terminated as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Seeking Massachusetts Immigration Bonds

ICE's mission is to protect the country against illegal immigration that could put Americans at risk. Sadly, many immigrants face detention as a result. They end up in immigration detention facilities. Immigrants without valid visas risk arrest, though most are later released through an immigration bond. Here are some of the benefits you obtain from working with an immigration bond dealer vs. dealing directly with ICE:

You Enjoy a Faster Release from Detention

An arrest and detention are not favorable at all. In custody, you are separated from your loved ones. You cannot work, go to school and do what you would typically do while free. That creates a lot of tension in detention facilities. Immigrants become anxious, wondering what will happen to them and their lives in the U.S. The longer you remain in detention, the more your worries grow. Your family will be equally worried and will be tirelessly working towards obtaining your release. You will need to post an immigration bond to be released.

An immigration bond agency is the fastest way to obtain release from immigration detention. Licensed immigration agents are experienced in these matters and will speed up the process, thus preventing delays. Additionally, the agents at Brennan Immigration Bonds will make you a priority and will dedicate any time and energy necessary to ensure your freedom.

You Enjoy Flexible Payment options.

People's financial situations are not the same. Some people can afford a once-off payment, while others can only manage payments in installments. When dealing with ICE, you must be ready to post your bond using a cashier's check. You must have the total bond amount in your account and visit the bank to obtain the check. You cannot make partial payments, which has negatively affected families whose loved one remains in detention even after being granted bond.

Brennan Immigration Bonds offers great flexibility while remaining true to their commitment to never charge more that the premium amount of 15%. Though you will have to use cash, credit cards or property as collateral to secure the bond, that is always returned to you when a cancellation of bond is received. Our bond agency will never charge you unnecessary fees like renewal fees, interest payments, application fees or annual fees, which makes it very challenging when dealing with agencies that claim to offer cheaper bond rates, but end up costing twice as much. If qualified with our agency, the collateral can be paid partially up front and partially by monthly payments until the full amount has been collected.

You Receive Additional Guidance

Immigration bond agents also offer additional services to detainees and their friends/families who do not understand the process. Our agency provides services through trained and experienced bond agents. We are happy to dedicate the time and attention that you deserve to make sure that you understand the process and we will advise you of ways that could speed up your case and provide a fair outcome.

For instance, you are required to prepare for the court case once you are freed on bond. The agent can advise you on the kind of evidence you must have, how to hire an immigration attorney, and how to present your case before a judge.

Collateral Requirements For Massachusetts Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds are expensive. That is why many families prefer to work with an agency, such as Brennan Immigration Bonds, to help secure the release of their loved one from ICE detention. Bond agencies take on the responsibility of paying the entire bond to DHS if the court forfeits your bond, for whatever reason. This is why it is necessary that our clients provide some form of collateral to secure the bond.

In this case, collateral is an amount of money or valuable property that the bond agency will hold to be used to pay the bond, in the event of a forfeiture. If you fail to honor your court appearances or other conditions given by the judge and the court forfeits the bond, the immigration bond agency will use the money given as collateral or sell the property to pay the full bond to the court. Thus, the value of this collateral must be reasonably more significant than the total bond.

For instance, the bond dealer can place a lien on your real estate property. To do that, they will need the owner's names and address of the property to run a quick search on it to determine whether it has sufficient equity to be used as collateral for the bond. Remember that this lien cannot prevent you from selling the property if you choose to do so before the end of your immigration case. The bond agency will only ask you to replace the property with cash once you successfully sell the property. The dealer will return the collateral promptly upon receipt of a bond cancellation from ICE.

The Bond Process

Once you have the bond agency requirements, the agent will start the bond process. It should not be long before you, or your loved one, is released from detention. The agent will require specific information from you or your family to begin the process. For instance, they will need your Alien number, country of birth, full name, and date of birth. This information will allow the agents to verify the specific information to submit a request to ICE to post your bond.

You can have your family member or friend as your indemnitor. They will sign or guarantee the bond. The person will also be responsible for keeping in touch with you after your release and ensuring you know when to appear for an appointment or hearing.

Find a Reliable Immigration Bond Dealer Near Me

Have you or someone you know been arrested and detained by ICE in Massachusetts?

You can secure your release from detention to quickly return to your family, friends, work, school, and the life you enjoy. But it would be best if you first established your eligibility for Massachusetts immigration bonds. If you qualify and the amount is too high, we could help process your release at an affordable fee. At Brennan Immigration Bonds, we offer reliability and professionalism to detainees that deserve freedom, and the friends and families working desperately on their behalf. Call us at 888-668-1588, and let us walk this difficult journey with you.