In many businesses, you can rely on your experience, your knowledge, and your professional relationships to somewhat predict how each case will progress. While that is true for Immigration bonds in certain instances, it is more often that we are faced with unforeseen circumstances. It is important for you to find a company who has the experience and knowledge to best help you, but even more important is making sure that you are choosing a company that has a track record of changing with the times!  If you’ve done your research, you may have found that many bond companies only stay afloat for a limited time. In this field of work, you learn to be on your toes because things are constantly changing and evolving for immigration cases. There are many different ICE facilities, each with its own set of very specific processes. For example, some facilities are located miles away from bus stations, airports and hotels. These types of facilities tend to release early in the morning and require proof that travel has been arranged. There are other facilities that release in the evening and don’t ask any questions about where someone is going or how they will be getting there.

The everchanging rules, requirements, and processes of ICE facilities can make it difficult for reputable companies to build trust with the friends and family of someone who is detained in ICE custody. Loved ones are usually already frustrated and emotional when we meet them. They have not been able to speak to their loved one, or they have concerns about the job an attorney is doing, or they have spoken to their loved one and are concerned about the conditions within a facility, or about an existing medical condition. We are your last step before seeing your child, spouse, parent, sibling or friend. Understandably, some families have run out of patience and have little trust in the process. They have likely already spent money they couldn’t afford to spend, or borrowed money from friends and family. Along the way, they have probably been given information that they didn’t fully understand, causing stress and anxiety. We take our role seriously and want to make posting an immigration bond as easy as possible. We want to provide accurate information and make sure that the family has full understanding at every step, and feels comfortable moving forward.

There are times that we will tell a family that transportation is provided by the facility, only to find out later that the policies have changed and transportation will have to be arranged. There are other examples, such as telling a family that their loved one will be released the same day only to be notified by the facility hours later that all releases are done the following day, due to updated policies. Whenever there is an unexpected delay or expense, it ultimately reflects on us. Because of this, we make every effort to confirm release procedures with the facility on the day the bond is posted. We attempt to have every question answered before you can ask it.

There are some things that can be done to avoid being surprised. We are always happy to help you get any information needed.

First, call the facility where your loved one is located. Ask very specific questions, like:

  1. Once a bond has been posted, how long does it take for a detainee to be released?
  2. Will there be transportation provided to the bus station, airport or hotel?

If transportation is not provided, ask for a list of taxi companies in the area. You may also ask about the cost of transportation. If you cannot afford transportation, the officers can assist in finding programs that help in these situations.

  1. Will the facility require any documentation regarding travel itinerary or details about the indemnitor signing for the bond?

Many times, facilities will wait until after the bond has been approved to request this information. It is not uncommon for a detainee to spend an extra day in custody due to not having sufficient time to arrange travel. There is a cut-off time, usually between 2pm and 3pm, for processing bonds. If information requested is not received prior to this cut-off time, ICE will require that you post the bond again the following day. As stated above, these procedures change without notice. The best way to ensure that there are no complications is to be as informed as possible.

  1. Will the detainee be permitted to contact friends and/or family upon release?

In some places, such as Louisiana, the facilities will transport detainees to a Welcome Center. Once they have arrived, they have access to resources. It is also a comfortable place to make arrangements for travel or hotel stays without being rushed or feeling lost.

We hear some of the most amazing stories, but we also hear stories of difficulties and struggles faced while in custody, during release from custody and from the families and friends of detainees regarding the same issues.

One of the most common scenarios that we face is that, while speaking to a caller regarding posting a bond, we are told of all of the “deals” and “offers” that have been presented by other companies. It is frustrating for us because the caller already feels a sense of mistrust. When we explain that, by paying less up front, but paying monthly fees, annual fees, renewal fees and such, the client will ultimately be paying much more, the client is not likely to initially believe us. It may seem that we, like others, are just competing for their business.

This is very far from the truth, as our first priority is for every individual to have full understanding. We provide honest answers and discuss your available options…even if that means not using our services. At Brennan Immigration Bonds our goal is for individuals to be released from ICE custody and to be reunited with friends and family. Yes, it is also a business. However, our business is only successful when we provide a service that helps people, and when we can finish our day knowing that we remained committed to our ultimate goal. Immigration bonds posted with honesty, professionalism, and discretion.

When you are in a vulnerable situation, it is easy to be taken advantage of. When working with a company in order to have an immigration bond posted, always get as much information as possible so that you are comfortable with proceeding. If any company makes you feel as if your questions are too burdensome or treats you in a manner that you are uncomfortable with, do not do further business with that company. There are too many chances for errors, miscommunication and misunderstandings when such an important decision is made in a rushed or haphazard manner.

Remember, a company that you choose to work with should handle your case with care. You should be treated with patience and respect, and should accept no less.

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have! Call anytime!